Refund Policy

 At Webfirm 1, we have a no-refund policy for work that has already begun. Work that has begun is identified as the following: 

 + Contract has been read and agreed upon by the client.

 + Foundation of the site has been put together and shown to the client.

 + 2 hours of work has been performed toward building the website. (Websites typically take between 10-15 hours to build collectively)


In the event that all the above parameters ARE NOT met, but some work has already begun, a refund of up to 35% of the cost of the website build will be refunded to the client within 15 days of a signed refund agreement.


Signed Refund Agreement

 Client acknowledges that work has begun on a new website, however not all parameters have been met to classify work as being fully started. Client also acknowledges that a refund of up to but not more than 35% of the cost of the website that was paid will be returned to the client. All content that was supplied and/or originated by Web Firm 1 may not be used by the client in any future business without Web Firm 1 permission. This agreement will be acknowledged and signed to be returned to Web Firm 1 before refund is made.