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Quality Audits

Web Firm 1 does quality testing on every site created. Quality testing is important so you know that the finished product is looking, working, and displays your companies information correctly. 

3 Major points of Web Firm 1 Quality Testing processes are:

  1. Making sure the site is built with the intent of the clients request.  

 Your site is the face of your business. Whatever you are offering or selling, your site has to represent the look and feel or your business. Web Firm 1 makes sure this is done by consultations before and during the site build so the final product is unique to your business. The site is tested on different devices and through different browsers for consistency and responsiveness. 


   2. Grammar, spelling, content and information is correct.

 When a potential customer visits your site, a misspelled word or incorrect grammar in general may question the validity of professionalism you are trying to portray. Also, all the info you give should be true to the tee. We spellcheck verbiage and verify all information given before its posted to the site with the client and through third parties. We make sure all phone numbers, emails and links are correct and verified. We make sure clients have full confidence that the information they are seeing can be trusted.


   3.   Website pictures and product / service images are at least HD quality. 

 Any stock photos, product images, or before & after photos of services must be HD quality at a minimum. We make sure all photos posted to the website are cropped. filtered or positioned in a way that the visitor can understand what they are looking at and the site is "visually appealing". Low quality images are accepted, however they will be flagged and discussed with the client before final publishing.

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